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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. >> we need to change maker and
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thank you and god bless you. said former president bill clinton makes a stop right here in charlotte campaigning for hillary at an event at johnson seeks university. you will find out why he thinks his life is the right choice. >> go home to mommy, go home to mommy. tell her to take you in bed. >> on the other side of republican front-runner donald trump held a rally in concord. as usual several protesters were thrown out. we will hear from them as well as some of his strongest supporters. >> there are the future. they are going to be our future leaders and we need to provide the best education possible. check north carolinians will be deciding on a 2 billion-dollar bond package next week with a big portion of it set aside for higher education. we are breaking down the package for you. good evening and thank you for
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i'm bill melugin. presidential race is heating up. where a weekly from north carolina primary were democrats or republicans will have their say. david sentendrey spent the afternoon at a hillary clinton rally where former president bill clinton was the guest speaker. good evening david. >> good evening kayla. bill clinton was very loose today. you could say he was having the time interacting with hundreds of college students signing autographs taking selfies and really explaining to them why he believes his wife is the best choice to take over job that he once held. former president bill clinton is making a stop in the queen city to rally support for presidential hopeful and wife hillary clinton. the rally taking place at johnson c. smith university and historic black college. clinton says his wife is the best choice to help pay the
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america. >> hillary is running for president so that every single american can look at that picture and say there again, there's my family, there's my future. we are all going to be there. >> she will be our matriarch and she will be our president and we are going to have a woman in the white house. >> sander is showing off an autographed photo of hillary. sander like many here says it's time for women to be in charge. >> most men say a woman's place is in the house, yes it is the white house. >> certainly electing a woman president would be a change but some say there needs to be even more. >> he did a good job of talking about the inclusiveness that we are looking for in our nation that we don't have now and i believe that's what she stands for. >> we need to change maker and you can make it happen. >> some democrats at most importantly she's the candidate with the best chance of taking
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>> it's time for the republicans to get in gear because here she comes ready or not. >> really a long day for the president. this is its third stop in north carolina so obviously trying to get familiar with the people of north carolina and try to win as many votes as possible. reporting live in charlotte david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. kayla: thank you david. earlier today the republican national committee reached out to us and a spokesperson said of hillary clinton's campaign quote north carolinians have rejected her and her hot and three times before rate no amount of sin will change the fact that voters don't trust hillary clinton. bill: on the republican side of things thousands of people showed up to a tom perrelli. trump told the crowd he's been endorsed by nascar but that's not entirely true. as ceo and chairman of nascar throwing his support behind
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said that's a private personal decision and not endorsement by the organization. trump fired up his supporters at the rally by talking about doing away with common core and obamacare and keeping american jobs from going overseas. >> i'm telling you folks are not going to let happen anymore. we are not going to let it happen. all this free trade. it's free. for them not for us. we are losing our shirts. >> one supporter told us he liked donald trump because the real estate mogul had zero tolerance for political correctness. while the trump rally was happening today as we see happening a bunch of protesters got kicked out. many of them were escorted out before trump took the stage. our cameras were there to catch it all happening. the protesters we spoke with say they were kicked out for standing silently inside the rally. some of them believed they were asked to leave only because of the color of their skin.
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removed for just being a dark-skinned male. i was standing around talking with the people mingling with the people hanging out and i got escorted out. obviously i was here to protest but i was not here to throw a shoe. bill: trumps rally was interrupted early seven times with either individuals or entire groups being thrown out. the protesters we spoke with say they plan to be a trump's next rally this wednesday in the city of fayetteville. michael bloomberg billionaire and former mayor of new york city announced today that he will not be running for president. earlier this year rumors were circulating that bloomberg might stage a run as an independent. while the primaries until march 15 you can vote early until this saturday in north carolina. more than. in 60 voting sites are open across the state that if you miss a regular voter registration deadline don't worry you can register at one of the early voting sites.
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photo i.d. but exceptions are available if you don't have one. be sure to check your voting site before you do the polls. it's only in the 50s right now and absolutely beautiful day and according to brian is going to stay that way for most elite. for check of your accuweather forecasters chief meteorologist brian basham. >> the weather is wonderful. if you have to step up its running 54 degrees and we are still in winter. we have almost two more weeks of winter left. next week it's not going to feel like you. we have winds blowing out of the south at 6 miles an hour. check out your headlines. we will be camping out in the 70s. a lot of camping out in the 70s. ` good time to catch rain at least tomorrow but i do want to point out we have weekend rain headed our way. i will show you how good our chances are coming up a little bit later on in the newscast. >> brian thank you. thank you.
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woman is attacked right outside of the neighborhood a stop. the woman told police the stranger attempted to steal her first -- suppertime so she waited for the bus on saturday around 8:00 p.m.. this hasn't happened the 2200 block of ashley road. police say the suspect allegedly kicked and punched the pregnant woman multiple times while she was on the ground even kicking her in the face but she was taken to presbyterian hospital for treatment. police are looking for the person who is responsible. often at 10:00 a warehouse fire on north strand street held a portion of the road locked up during rush hour. firefighters were called to the scene at 1801 north tryon street -- tryon street. it took more than 60 firefighters to control the fire. the charlotte our department had to use one of its trucks to remove a bunch of smoke from the structure. thankfully no injuries have been reported. >> the huntersville board of commissioners urging to make homeschooled there iss parody
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today the commissioner said cms showed high-quality academic options for students at the school in close proximity to where they live. the commissioners adopted a resolution urging the school board to support neighborhood schools as a criteria in their student guidelines. >> one of the pieces to the resolution was that we would encourage cms to put more emphasis on our choice. that way there is a diversity. >> this comes as cms goes to the process of creating a student assignment plan which could result in bumping some students at other neighborhoods in the interest of creating diversity at school. heartbreaking update tonight. the mother of a local teen who's been battling leukemia shared that her son password as we can. we introduce you to b.j. corral
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honorary navy s.e.a.l. by a group of retired seals. 15-year-old within the second fight with leukemia. pjs mother shared on line tonight that he passed away yesterday morning. the family is devastated but it was a blessing to have a child that was filled with such faith in the face of so much adversity. bill: police chief larry brown was back to work following several administrative leave. a law enforcement division had been investigating brown but the allegations behind a probe had not been made public. nobody knows exactly what's going on with the investigation. last week after the town council voted to reinstate him several officers decided to resign. for the time being chesterfield county sheriff jade brooks is serving as interim police chief ricky said his deputies patrolled the town to fill the holes left by the vacant positions but he does expect many officers who walked off the job to come back to work starting this week. >> last weekend when they did
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of emotion. we have since talked with all the officers and many of them will withdraw the resignation and come back to work and that's a good thing. bill: sheriff brooks met with brown and the town administrator to talk about a 30-day plan for the department in schools moving forward. he says brown will be in charge of mapping out the department strategy. the search for the next superintendent of union county schools kicks off this week. the board of education will hold a special meeting tomorrow morning. you might remember last week dr. mary alice annan she was retiring june 1. the fbi recently announced they would not be filing criminal charges against alice. she had been under investigation due to potential conflict of interest regarding laptops. kayla: in a few days same as the public will get a first look at preliminary results from on line students surveys by community members were asked their opinions on bus routes magna school's diversity and other issues regarding student
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this thursday to the school board usually meets in the morning but the meeting has been moved to 6:00 p.m. so most people can hear the results. picking up the ball on health. two organizations are rolling out the nations to seem a schools. the american heart association donated sports to francis previn middle school and winding springs elementary elementary today bring a ball to the ball program. these are donated to the schools in an effort to get kids active. >> it's an opportunity to encourage them to take on a lifestyle that promotes physical activity and this gets them outside in the sunshine in activities with their friends. we didn't exactly have enough equipment for all of our students to utilize so this has been a great donation for us and we are looking forward to rolling it out for our students. kayla: according to the american heart association heart disease remains the number one killer of
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one out of three children are overweight and inactive. the association hopes of all donations will help those affected by making lifestyle changes. >> people are still asking if it's real, if it's a joke are you sure it's him. bill: the family of a good samaritan is speaking out their loved one died while trying to help out a stranded. we'll have the latest information and you'll hear how the victim's family wants him to be remembered. >> just about every single state park is going to benefit from this. kayla: plus a 2 billion-dollar bond package on the ballot next week could help a lot of projects in charlie the past. we will explain a little bit later. bill: american airlines is trying to steve to streamline the check-in process for the passengers.
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and exactly how you >> good evening and welcome back. the temperatures we heated up today. it will be part of an overall trend over the week goes to stay there. we had 68. we started out cold temperatures 33. that will be the last time we see that temperature anytime soon. again nice temperature trend as we head into the rest of the week. look at the numbers same time
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50 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. again it just feels a lot better come a 15 degrees warmer than yesterday so taking up from 39 to 64. sitting at 54 in charlotte and the mountains are below freezing sitting at 40 degrees. fairly chilly in the mountains. we have a little while before we see this increase but major changes affecting the eastern half of the united states. yesterday if you are watching warm air pushing across the eastern half of the united states. if you are traveling and this is your spring break or thinking about taking vacation over the next couple of days things will be good. there's a system working across the midsection of the country. we will show you that later on the newscasts but fairly quiet out there. a few passing clouds tonight a little bit of moisture near it
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system will keep it dry and keep temperatures that warm air coming from the south south. even if we started out cool tomorrow in the mid-40s we get a quick warm-up and by noon we will be in the 70s. you may want to leave with a jacket but put a short-sleeve shirt underneath it. we are looking at 72 once we get to 5:00 p.m. and we want to show you the temperatures over the next three days. 74, 75 and 74. i want to remind you we will always keep you plugged into changing weather conditions. head over to our facebook page or her webpage 46 and use the navigation to tool. don't let mother nature ketchup guard bigger forecast is waiting for you any time. tonight ryan thank you. to a tragic fall of the family of the good samaritan is speaking out after their loved one died. just trying to help a stranded
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highway patrol said alastair tegui-in was struck and killed after he pulled over to help out a 17-year-old who had a flat tire. this happened early yesterday morning along i 45 near rocky river road. a family of 26-year-old tegui-in said there are no words to describe how they feel that they're not surprised surprised by his final act of kindness. >> quijas had a genuine care for others. he always seemed to anticipate if they needed something. >> we also found out that 26 rob had just left working the night shift at label charlotte where he was sent out vip host. troopers say it did not look like a driver will face charges at this time. the driver of the vehicle did submit for out all testing and at this point it appears alcohol was not a factor. cmpd has identified the man that died after being shot on fairfax drive this morning. they say 18-year-old dallas
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gunshot injury and passed away. 17-year-old demichael adams is charged with involuntary manslaughter. police say stowe and anosignosia there. kayla: a union county school psychologist is accused of assaulting a 14 of student. police say 53-year-old dayle kimball rust allegedly assaulted a student at monroe middle school last week. rust is charged with assault. officers say turn himself in once he knew there were charges against him. new hit investigation of the shooting. cmt tv said two men were shot at and ahead under the influence. 30-year-old francisco floors and 35-year-old flores were shot in front of an apartment complex off of central avenue. the two of them were taken to the hospital with very serious life-threatening injuries. right now it's still unclear exactly what transpired here but police tell us this was not a random act of violence. kayla: controversy continues to swirl around the i-77 polling project.
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transportation official investigated the contractor in charge of the tolling. tsipras tied to job in texas word file bankruptcy. governor pat mccrory ordered the d.o.t. to review review the company's contract in north carolina. construction on the 26-mile toll lane as already and away in the charlotte area. there's a new way to check in your luggage if you fly with american airlines. customers will check-in at a kiosk and indicate how many bags they are checking. the kiosk -- they will tag their own bag and take it to an activation state -- station were an agent will weigh the bag and activate the tax. passengers will have a faster experience checking and since they don't have to wait for the counter. american airlines officials say this new check-in or seizure has started in charlotte. bill: sportscaster erin andrews finds that the jury's decision in her lawsuit against -- who
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break. kayla: the sheriff is hanging up his hat. football favor peyton manning announcing his retirement today. hear what he has to say about (donkey sound) (elephant sound) between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. bill: welcome back. tennis superstar maria shirah toga delivers incenting is. the grand slam champ said she failed a drug test taken at the a trillion open. sharapova has not competed since he lost to serena williams at the s. showing up in. although she has struggled with serious injures within recent years sharapova is currently ranked number seven in the entire world. erin andrews is now $55 million richer tonight. the sportscaster was awarded the money in her lawsuit against two hotel companies in the stalker who secretly recorded video of her and posted it on line. the jury came back with a decision after dave
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the former operator they banned a bill said the stalker michael beirne should be the one to blame. anders worked as a fox host and and -- kayla: peyton manning announces his retirement. the super bowl 50 champion leaves behind an 18 year nfl career with five mvp awards and two super bowl titles. "fox news" olivia kunya has more from inglewood colorado. >> from martin bowman peyton manning took the mic he was choked up seeing thing is not only saying goodbye to the broncos put the denver broncos, team he loved. there's a scripture reading. i fought the good fight and finish the race i have yet to face. i have fought the good fight.
10:26 pm
racing after 18 years it's time. since the five-time mvp two-time super bowl champ is joined by his family current players and former teammates as he went unless it is one thing. the university of tennessee to indianapolis where he played for the colts before coming to denver and even though he had a foot injury this last season and the postseason he led the mile high city to victory in super bowl 50. and this last season-somethings from his past and crop of. a documentary by al-jazeera that claimed he and other players received human growth hormones and today he was asked about allegations made 20 years ago that he harassed a female sports player at the university of tennessee. >> i did not do what has been alleged and i'm not interested in relate gating something that
10:27 pm
like my dad used to say when i was in trouble i can't say it any plainer than not. this is a joyous day and a special day and like "forrest gump" said that's all i have to say. >> word got around that peyton manning was retiring those who played against him and with him said he made them play the game better. and inglewood colorado "fox news." bill: coming up next week voters will be deciding on a 2 billion-dollar bond project that could affect education is selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up
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kayla: recapping our top stories from her president bill clinton spoke at a rally at johnson c. smith support of his wife and presidential hopeful to a clinton. clinton discussed how his wife is the best candidate for the job and now she will fight for every american. supporters at the rally say they believe hillary clinton is the best candidate to take down republican front-runner donald trump. bell. bill: speaking to appeal to rally near bangkok or pay thousands of people showed up to that event which included supporters and protesters. trump told the crowd he's been endorsed by nascar but that's not entirely true. a ceo and chairman of nascar brand francis throwing his support behind trumpetto nascar officials said that's the private personal decision and was not an endorsement by the organization.
10:31 pm
of common core education and obamacare and keeping american jobs from going overseas. kayla: a pregnant charlotte woman is recovering after she was attacked a local bus stop. this happened saturday night in the two 2200 block of s. or if you according to please support the woman said that man tried to steal her purse to separate times was he was waiting for the bus preachy said the suspect repeatedly kicked and punched her bridget is taken of hospital for treatment. cmpd is looking for the person responsible for the attack. governor pat mccrory made one final push for the passage of the connections bond package in greenville. bill: if it's up to approve the state will borrow $2 billion to pay for all sorts of projects including many which would be right here in the charlotte area. tonight emily collins is joining us from usc charlotte with details on how some of the money would benefit the school. >> hi bill.
10:32 pm
building at unc see current science building built in 1985. officials say they can no longer fit the growing number of students however if this bond passes that would allow the $90 million to build a state-of-the-art facility. >> i'm standing here and i can't other side around. >> at the chemistry department burn event -- bernadette merker shows the layout of one of the science labs. she points out several areas of frustration in an effort to prove the space available is no longer adequate. >> we have 15,000 students each year to take one science lab and we are running out of space to teach the students. in a few years they will be struggling to meet the demand. this is why the university is doing everything in its power to encourage north carolina voters to pass the connect and see bond package. it's a proposal that includes a 90 million-dollar allotment for
10:33 pm
something donovan mercker says is a necessity not only to the university but the region. >> unc system here is to serve the citizens of north carolina. we need to teach them all sorts of things for job preparation and everything and we want to serve them the best way possible. cement the same way goes for north carolina's park system. spent just about every single state park is going to benefit from this bond. crowder's mountain state park superintendent larry said if the bond passes $750,000 is earmarked for the park and will specifically go towards parking to improve visitor access. >> all of north carolina state parks increases their visibility and that makes the need for improved additional parking as well as upkeep and maintenance of the existing facilities and additional facilities to
10:34 pm
bond which is a total of $75 million for 45 state park projects. from parched education all benefiting parties say it would provide is crucial to the future recreation and education in north carolina. the students we are educating their the future. they're going to be our future leaders and we need to provide the best education possible. >> just to put things into perspective for you in rome and at unc has grown by 142% since the building was built in 1985. this camp accounts for nearly half of the growth in the entire unc system. reporting live from unc charlotte emily collins fox 46 wjzy. tonight that bond supports public safety agriculture the national guard and water and sewage. governor mccrory assures
10:35 pm
require --. >> i assure a lot of good music about your forecast over the next few days. your gums about hard and it depends on how you feel about the rain but there will be rain chances in the next seven days. we are doing great for the next -- tonight tuesday wednesday thursday everything is fine and a large -- keep in mind this is several days out and it could change a little bit but as of right now friday daytime looking okay with rain chances as the night goes on to friday and saturday and sunday and then you get the rain of the way so it looks nice over the weekend. temperatures are going to stay nice and warm. as we mentioned sitting in the 50s, 54 partly cloudy skies relatively light winds out of the south at six and winds, the directions always determining
10:36 pm
air to the south and high pressure system over the next couple of days shifts off to the south and east it will keep the winds blowing from the south keeping the warm air in place. bring us moisture as well that cloud pick up as we get into wednesday and of course tracking a system that could be moving across the midsection state bringing good weather to dallas on wednesday morning. making sure your flights are going out on time but the system pushes across the country. we will see a cold front coming in from the north and east as we get towards the weekend. until then this is thursday 10:37 p.m., things are just fine. enjoy the weather over the next few. nighttime temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s three chilly out there still but not bad and of course 60s into the 70s for most of those. charlotte 74 in chesterville
10:37 pm
how about the seven-day forecast, 70s and play all seven. mid-70s through thursday or friday starts to cool a little bit 73 but then we see the strong wind chances saturday and sunday. the good news is that we'll move out. it won't get cold and we will stay in the 70s. bill: we will have to get around to golfing again pretty soon. still no word tonight on exactly what caused a house fire that forced one of the lamprey children to leave their house. the flames engulfed the home on rockwell boulevard around 10:00 this afternoon. officials say thankfully nobody was hurt and crews were able to put the fire out in 18 minutes. kayla: a disturbing home invasion is under investigation in north carolina tonight. on sunday police say a teenager from raleigh was found in a closet bound with duct tape. a 17-year-old parents say she told them two men broke into the home to try to steal the tv raped her and tied her up.
10:38 pm
be identified said her daughter reached out for help using the voice-to-text feature on her phone. >> police say two white men in their early to mid-20s forced their way into the home through a backdoor. bill: onto an update on a story we brought usa. south carolina man is accused of killing two people over an unpaid cab there and burying them in his backyard. police charged 39-year-old james robbins yesterday. he took a cab home and refuse to base bill. this two minutes at the car demanded she pay them but instead he shot both of them. the names of victims have not been released. kayla: vice president joe biden issuing a new threat against vices today. this morning came during a speech by deliberative and
10:39 pm
countries visiting as part of a tour the middle east. correspondent rich ebsen reports from the white house. >> we are making harder for them to maneuver. we are cutting off their lifeline their oil revenues and finances. vice president joe biden in the united arab emirates monday using his first stop on a middle east tour to threaten isis to the u.s. destroy the terror group which biden referred to as da'ish and name isis militants find -- the. >> we have to squeeze iraq and serious that they can pump their forces into the region and the rest the world. that's what we are doing with our coalition partners. biden spoke at it g. airbase for coalition operations targeting isis in syria and iraq. want to particularly recognize
10:40 pm
stepped up and expanded their role in this campaign. he captured the images that provide us with the intelligence we need. vice president remarks come as the pentagon says coalition airstrikes have destroyed in isis -- near fallujah iraq helping to limit isis ground operations. this is the death toll is rising in the city of herat iraq and the truck bombings look monday at a checkpoint killing more than 60 and wounding 95. on monday more than 50 died in clashes between security forces and isis militants in tunisia. this amid increasing concerns of a growing number of isis militants in libya. bill: onto a fox 46 followed the presidency of united confidential setting back to work great oscar mignon took medical leave after suffering a heart attack in october. general counts are served as
10:41 pm
the airline says munoz is participating actively in all major corporate decisions. he's he has been meeting with employees and shareholders while he recovers is expected to be back on the job full-time. time to send it to anthony flores for a check on sports. >> they were up and they were down but they finished nonstop
10:42 pm
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the charlotte hornets continued their winning ways by sweeping those minnesota timberwolves winning three in a row. 16 points in the first half and the timberwolves zach levine climbing the ladder during it down. minnesota led by two in the third quarter belonged to kemba walker. he scored 21 of a game-high 30 points in the quarter. where high was 60/six, three pointers. they would hang on to win a 108- 103 winning 12 of their last 15 games. >> we let those guys come back. they are great players but we stay in the game.
10:44 pm
we have really good teams coming in trying to put us in that winds through the hornets are back on the core wednesday night at home against new orleans. peyton manning will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks are plain of quarterbacks are planned for polly. he will be remembered for going out on top. the denver broncos quarterback announces retirement from the nfl after key season preview of every major passing record including career touchdown passes in career passing yards. the 39-year-old man turns 40 later this month. he played his first 14 season with any indianapolis colts and his last four with the broncos. he was a two-time super bowl champion and set an nfl record is a 5-5 mvp going out as a winner when the broncos beat the panthers and super bowl 50. >> and i know without a doubt that i gave everything i had. there were other players who were -- but there was no one who
10:45 pm
have no regrets. i have fought a good fight. i finished my football race and after 18 years retiring. god bless all of you gutless football. panthers cornerback cam newton showing some love for peyton manning. he posted this on social media. he said he was grateful -- and he it hired him on and off the field. he said payton will forever be the standard. the panthers have -- often so packet of -- often to tackle picky did not sheep gate -- negotiate with their team. the gibson offered that the panthers went to match the panthers would receive the second round pick from the team. panthers announced they re-signed wide receiver to a one-year contract. >> it's going to be nerve-racking knowing that you have to contend for a win each
10:46 pm
to win another or two to get locked in because there are so many drivers are so competitive this year could i think this year is one of the most trusted field so you have to run up front and you can have mistakes. david and his father joe were in studio guests for half-hour weekly nascar show which airs on sunday. they took the checkered flag in atlanta and the world touch series chase that you can see my entire interview on facebook. anthony flores fox 46. around the track errors from 2:30 until 3:00 p.m.. we have analysis of nascar coverage in the world of sports. always looking for great story ideas e-mail at anthony.flores at fox bill: you will love this next story. a father springs action to save
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. [ indistinct conversations ] always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play
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bill: welcome back. one very smart dad's reflexes kicked in at just the right time. david williams has the story. >> 8-year-old linda cunningham
10:50 pm
his life after his father stopped this baseball bat from hitting him in the face to his father said it was a miracle and it was all caught in the pictures. pittsburgh tribune review photographer christopher horner captured the exact moment captain sean cunningham stopped a fine baseball bat from hitting his son in the face this weekend. >> this is a baseball bat that hit me right here. it was flying. my dad bought it like that but it hit me right here. the father and son read a spring training game at the atlanta braves in the pittsburgh pirates landon hedges borrowed his dads phone to take pictures and looked out for a second. the bat slipped out of the hitters hand.
10:51 pm
i didn't have time to think. i just put my arm up there. >> stopping the bat in its tracks. >> i definitely think he had the hand of god or whatever you want to call it watching over him absolutely. cid can see the terrified looks on peoples faces. it hit sean right there in the wrist. >> we started looking them over making sure he was okay. >> i think it would have died or went to the hospital. these photos have gone viral. >> when i initially saw the picture is the mother i wanted to -- a very scary picture. >> landon's mom actually says it was america. >> he was definitely the epitome of heroes for my son and my daughter. >> the weekend his father saved his son. >> it was amazing.
10:52 pm
williams box 35 news. degrasse fired sent dozens of horses running for safer ground. you can see the animals bouncing away from the flames in oklahoma. now turning in finding a different path after hitting more fire the fire broke out on sunday and strong winds stirred it up. the wild horses escaped the fire line today. no word of any injured animals or how the fire started. veterinarians at purdue university are taking a new approach to animal therapy incorporating underwater therapy for some of their patients. the 2-year-old dachshund is making use of van de water treadmill at the hospital. bonds had a back injury but after surgery he is now on the road to recovery. many of the animals that use the
10:53 pm
patients. >> b. i do that when you're in the water your hips are easier to lift if they haven't injury. the warming effect of the water helps with that and then being lifted by the buoyancy of the water. kayla: doctors say while having visible physical effects the therapy also has psychological benefits. late night host jimmy kimmel will be returning to the coveted award show. the jimmy kimmel life is to take center stage at this year's emmy awards. kimmel will host the ceremony from the microsoft theatre in los angeles on september 18. the second time round for the funnyman who hosted the emmys back in 2012. on the announcement came all reportedly said i have a feeling i'm going to be great. the nominations for the emmy awards will be announced in july stick around, we will be right
10:54 pm
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selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is headed to the tar heel state. nazis having a rally in kannapolis at 5:00. it will be happening at central baptist church on moose wrote. seating will be limited too so make sure you read early. the doors with the mental open
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kayla: "good day charlotte" wakes up every morning. l here's a preview of what you can expect to see tomorrow. >> coming up tomorrow "good day charlotte." >> have you ever lost a pet? you know how heartbreaking dramatic it can be. coming up we will help you find your lost pet. >> speaking of heartbreak and dramatic. >> tomorrow "good day charlotte" 4:30 to 9:00. bill: did they say what i thought they said? i'm not ready to have that conversation. what i am ready to talk about is the weather and get up tomorrow morning 45, warms quickly as we get up into the 60s and 70s by lunchtime. 65 to 72 at night so it's going to feel good. another look at the seven-day
10:58 pm
70s lots of 70s every afternoon of the next seven days. dry for the next few but rain chances solid saturday and sunday with a 40% chance. bill: you guys are both stats. you saw the photos. do you think you'd have the
10:59 pm
kayla: thanks for j men. yes, judith, i did deduct $30 from your child support check this month. because i paid for jake's haircut. yes, it is usually nine dollars, but he wanted to go someplace without hobbyhorses. i know he's never gonna win any beauty contests, but he is our son. look, i've got a patient. i got to go. sorry you had to hear that. that's, uh, that's my ex-wife. bee-yatch.
11:00 pm
doctor. okay, so you are having spasms in your lower back? yeah, it's awful. some days i can't oh, i know how that is. you have back problems, too? no. anyway, why don't you lie face down, and we'll see if we can locate the problem. i've tried everything. acupuncture, yoga, shiatsu. nothing seems to work. not surprised. those eastern practices are mostly hooey. modern chiropractic, on the other hand, is built on over 50 years of solid science. okay, let's take a look at what we've got here. okay, now is this too much pressure? no. okay, how about this? no. okay, now is this where the spasms occur? a little lower. okay. here? (moans) lower. here? (loud moan) am i hurting you? no! god, no!


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